3 responses to “Pine Box: Bird Dog – Beach

  1. I love this art medium. I have finally found the artist who left a wooden box painting of my yellow lab (Charlie) who would accompany me on my walks through the bosque where I would leave various treats for the wildlife such as sunflower seeds, raw peanuts in the shell, etc on a huge fallen Cotton Wood Tree. I have three of these treasures. I thank the person who gave me these three gifts. I will always treasure them and I am so excited to finally find the artist.

      • Greg: Please continue with your wonderful work. And yes; I work with SW Animal Rescue. I now have a very old girl who is diabetic, arthritic and blind so I don’t so often walk the bosque as I did with Charlie. I also have a dog named Basho who I took in as he came with two sibling cats and the deceased previous mother of these three lovely beings wanted them all to end up in one home. I said what is two more cats when I already have six. All get along fine together and so enrich my life. I hope to see more of your work.

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