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The paintings are for sale.  Prices are available by email.

Thank you for visiting the art!

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  1. Gregory,

    I first saw your paintings at the Santa Fe Cafe. Can you tell me the price range on the Dog and Whidbey Island series. I especially appreciated Useless Bay since Coupeville is my home town and we have a 8 month old teenage puppy.


    Ken House

    • Hi Ken,
      To date the Whidbey Island posts are of sold paintings–they are both 12″ square, and run 700.00
      I have scheduled posting more Whidbey works beginning tomorrow, including “Useless Bay, Low Tide”, it is 24″ square and is 1000.00.(it is at the cafe, currently)
      The other dogs paintings range from 300.00 up to appx. 800.00, depending on size.
      Thanks for your note and for checking out the work!
      . Greg

  2. Hi Greg
    I sadly had my last dinner at the great Santa Fe Cafe last night as I have had for decades, and put three paintings on hold but would like to know the price: Snake river 5809 and Coyote Fence 5822 and 5818, or one of your small dog paintings (we have had golden retrievers for decades)
    Many thanks

    • Hi Denise,
      Thank you for your note. It is the end of an era, but the cafe had a good run.
      The paintings have been running out the door, as I have halved the prices. Both Coyote Fence and Gray Sky-#5818- sold last night. Snake River is available and is 250.00. The dog paintings here on wordpress are mostly with me. To be honest it has been so crazy this last week I have had to ask Drew, the owner, to inventory for me today. If you want Snake River I can send a receipt and you can get it asap–then just mail me a check. If you see something else at the cafe, shoot me a note.

  3. Hi Greg!

    Stopped by the Cafe to see Drew and am now on my way to strangle that little Greek man whilst he sleeps, no doubt dreaming of his big, stinking piles of money.

    Oh my. The walls are almost completely bare!! I was on this site earlier today looking through your work, and am almost startled by the sheer scope of all you have painted this last decade! It was so nice to see them all at my leisure, and appreciate the different nuances for each group. All I can say is that I’m overwhelmed by the beauty in your work. I always loved being around your art in the Cafe, but I love it more now.
    I really love the NM ones. Did you set out in a little Airstream or was that just in your head? Love the Joe and Rosie paintings, too.
    I helped take down the Tom and Jack painting tonight with the folks who bought it–I was talking with some customers by the front desk when they came to claim it. Was that in Ravenna? I don’t remember it being on the walls at Phinney. I wish you were up here to say goodbye to the place and tell some stories about yhe paintings…but I guess that already happened 7 yrs ago.

    Thank you for being such a wonderful man to work for! I will always treasure my memories of the one and (for me), only Santa Fe Cafe!!

    Please tell Pam and Steve I said hi and Happy 2015 to all of you!

    I forgot to ask about a painting from the Whidbey series I was going to inquire about!!! It’s called Reading the Beach. One of the few still up on the east wall of the North side. I love that whole series. What are you asking for that one?

    Thank you, Greg. I’m joining some old customers for dinner up there Tues. for dinner. Their daughter used to order the garlic custard everytime they came in, which amused us because she was only 3 yrs old. Now she’s back home on break from college!! Oh the sweet memories that place has grown. I’ll miss it dearly.
    All the best to you!
    Lynn Hurley

    • Hi Lynn,
      How terrific to hear from you and what a lovely note. Yes, please do strangle the shit-as he has caused Drew such anguish, and generally ruined my taste for baklava and mythology.
      I have the original Ravenna neon here in my studio, which I’ll turn on every so often-the brightness tends to ruin all other colors. I think the night we closed Ravenna was really the end of the run for me. I thought about coming up, but it is Drew’s show and rightfully so.
      I’m glad that you are there though, as part of the cafe’s DNA and a standout in its long history.
      As to Reading the Beach-it has been waiting for someone who might share its language-and that would be you. Please accept it as a gift from me for all the wonderful times and for your good heart. If you will send me your email address I will send appropriate proof that it is yours to take away.
      I am sad, certainly, to see the place close. Seattle has so many new and newer choices all the time-but they will be pretty shocked when they realize that the garlic custard is gone. What!!
      Again, thank you Lynn for the great memories, and thank you for giving the painting a home.

  4. I’ve written u before. I’m an artist that lives near Santa Fe cafe (RIP, dammit) and loved seeing yr wk there. Hope you are still producing. Do you post your paintings on Instagram? If so, at what address?

    • Hi Gillian, Thank you for your note and for liking the work. I am still at it here in Corrales, and post here at WordPress and on Facebook, AND I have just opened an Instagram account (as in this week) @ GibbonsGregory. So new I have not posted to it yet – need to read the tutorial, but I’ll be there soon. Look forward to following you!

  5. Greg
    Do you presently have a showing in Santa Fe? We are from Seattle, Ravenna area, sorely miss your cafe!

    Alan Murray

    • Hi Alan,

      Thanks for your note. I do not show anywhere but online. Either here or on my Instagram acct at gibbonsgregory . Or If you’re ever in Corrales holler:)

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