9 responses to “Bosque del Apache: Winter

      • It is gorgeous! May I also know the prices of Snake River 5809 and Coyote Fence 5822 and 5818, all of which I saw at the Santa Fe last night? we will miss it so much after all these decades! Denise Lishner

      • I think my initial response to your list wasn’t delivered. so at the risk of being redundant:)
        Coyote fence and Gray Sky 5818 sold last night. Snake River is available at 250.00

      • Ah, I had reserved the two paintings that sold last night and my name was put on them! I wonder what happened?

    • Im not sure how this site processes the mail–Bosque del Apache ,Winter is 550.00. The painting on my “letterhead” is what keeps popping up-mountainscape.
      Give me your email and I can get in touch

    • I am sorry that happened. The person who took your name should have called me and let me know, as I would need to give the ok–and that wasn’t done. As I said, I will sell the Bosque painting here for 350.00 instead of the 550.00 I understand that you may have soured on the whole idea, and for that I am very sorry. I also have a painting here of two goldens–go to “dogs” and scroll down to Joe and Rosie. In consideration for our screw up I would also sell it for 350.00
      Again thank you and Merry Christmas

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